LOCMAN was founded on the Island of Elba, Italy, in 1986 and is renowned as a jewel in the crown of Italian watchmaking, the perfect fusion of Italian style, Tuscan watchmaking traditions and new manufacturing technologies. Headquarters and factory are at Marina di Campo, in the Island of Elba, with branch offices in Florence, Milan, Miami, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.
LOCMAN watches are worldwide recognized for the use of state-of-the-art materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum and other hi-tech alloys. With a trendy and casual chic look, these ultra-light and resilient timepieces are popular among demanding watch lovers who want extraordinary and unique, fashionable yet discreet pieces.
We can count on excellent achievements during these 30+ years of passionate business, including the launch in 2003 of the first all-carbon case, as well as the opening in 2006 of the Scuola Italiana di Orologeria, a watch academy dedicated to training highly specialized craft workers and to creating in-house movements.