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IFE Lux Group is the reliable track connecting Italian luxury brands with retailers across the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America. We introduce both established and emerging brands to fully vetted and qualified merchants in locations that maximize our client's exposure and brand awareness.     


Founded by Anna Zordan and Dario Pastorelli, IFE Lux Group is a leading

US-based consulting and distribution platform for luxury and lifestyle brands. Our emphasis is on brands that reflect the culture of beauty and the excellence of the Made-in-Italy reputation. We are committed to the growth of our brand and retail partners as we advance Italy's historic image of quality, innovation and style. 

The personalized support we offer our designer brands, combined with our long-term relationships with prestigious retailers throughout the US, Bermuda, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean, is what makes IFE Lux Group the superior resource for establishing a significant presence in the Americas. 

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