The world will be saved by a BEAUTY that transcends aesthetics, and it is what inspires the best in us, our aspirations for what is good and true, and what connects us to each other.  

We are looking at beauty as an ideal. Between the beautiful and the good there is a mysterious, elusive and indestructible bond. The essence of Beauty, as a universal concept, has the power to reorganize the disorder of reality into a harmonic unity, to reveal an ultimate meaning above its own chaos. And this idea of ​​beauty defined by Dostoevsky would coincide with that of Plato ("Beauty is the splendor of truth").

In this journey of beauty, IFE LUX Group represents the connecting bridge between what Tuscany and Italy offer and all the ambassadors of beauty that are our retailers.

Art, tradition, craftsmanship, innovation, contemporary glamour are our mission in the journey of Beauty and the Excellency of the Made in Italy.

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