Handbags with 67 years of history, creativity, innovation and passion: daring and experimental, inventive and uniquely elegant.
Founded in 1954, Braccialini is nowadays one of Italy’s most recognized and successful leather goods companies. Braccialini is a bag like no other. A container is full of fantasy, fun and sparkling color. A means of expression and of arousing emotion, of escaping from reality and opening up to new venues and creating  new genres, always elegant and feminine.
Since 2017, the Tuscan jewelry manufacturer Graziella Group has incorporated Braccialini and the bags are now embellished and enhanced by accents of jewelry.

 Graziella & Braccialini uniqueness exemplified by the ideal combination of leathers, metals, precious stones and design which give life to these creations. A must-have for a strong and exuberant personality.
A bag is the natural extension of a woman’s hands and her everyday life, with all its joys, magic and fantasies, flows through it.
A ladies life is in her handbag!